What does the Community Education department do?

We empower community members to foster healthy relationships and to understand, prevent and respond effectively to all forms of abuse.  We strive to make every member of our community aware that abuse is a reality in our community, that free help is available for those suffering from abuse, and that all our services are free of charge.

In what ways do you educate the community?

We educate the community on domestic and teen dating abuse through webinars, workshops, speeches, interactive activities, classroom activities, Q&A panels and community fairs.

Who do you educate? Who is your audience?

We educate any sort of community group, organization or school.  We educate middle and high school students, college students, faith communities, first responders, volunteers, providers, clinicians, businesses, teachers, counselors and more.

Who are your educators?

Ryan S. Thomas is the Community Education Program Manager at HDNBC.  He and his team of educators deliver free community programs that empower people to foster healthy relationships and prevent abuse.  A recovering middle school teacher, Ryan uses his 15 years of teaching experience to engage teens and adults with free education and prevention programming aimed at reducing teen dating abuse and domestic abuse in our community.  To him, being able to be a part of someone’s story of positive change is a privilege.  Ryan also loves cheese, his mama, his dog, and painting.

Are your topics appropriate for young people?

Absolutely.  Current research shows that even 9th grade is too late to start educating young people for primary prevention to be effective.  Leading researchers recommend that healthy relationships and dating abuse education begin in the 6th grade.

How much does it cost?

All Community Education Services are free of charge.

Do you come to us?

Yes, we come to you.  Or we can set up a customized Zoom meeting for your organization.  No group is too small.  No group is too large.

What sort of education programs do you have for adults or professionals?

We have a number of education and training programs for adults and professionals.  For more information about our educational programming for adults and professionals, please check out our Education and Training Programs for Adults and Professionals.

What sort of education programs do you have for teens or students?

We have a number of educational presentations, programs and activities for teens and students.  For more information about our education programs for young people, please check out our Educational Programming for Teens and Students.

I would like you to come to my school or organization. How do I get in touch with you?

Submit a speaker request form below! For more information or to ask a question, please call our Community Education Program Manager at 469-969-7254 or send an email to education@hdnbc.org.

More Information

We love hearing directly from members of our community.  If you would like more information or if you have a question regarding our free Community Education Services, please call 469-969-7254 or email education@hdnbc.org.

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