Trauma-informed Care

At Hope’s Door New Beginning Center, we understand that emotional trauma resulting from abuse can be just as devastating as physical trauma for survivors.  Our expert therapists offer trauma-informed care for survivors and their children to assist them in healing emotionally.  We offer free counseling for adults, children and all survivors of sexual abuse.

Adult Counseling Services

Hope’s Door New Beginning Center offers free group and individual counseling services for men and women who are affected by domestic abuse or family violence.  All counseling services are provided by Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, LPC-Interns, LMFT-Associates, and Master Level Interns.

In addition to one-on-one counseling for individuals, group counseling sessions are available to all of our clients.  Individual sessions are offered by appointment and group sessions are offered weekly.  By working with the expert therapists at our Outreach Centers in Plano and Garland, individuals come to understand the impact of abuse and develop new coping skills that allow them to function better and live self-sufficiently.

Children's Counseling Services

The purpose of Hope’s Door New Beginning Center’s Children’s Program is to support children and adolescents healing from family violence and abuse.  Children’s reactions are varied and can range from the absence of noticeable trauma symptoms to severe adjustment disorders.  The impact of abuse varies according to factors such as age, gender, support, and stage of development.  Intervention is one of the most important factors in the healing process of children after abuse has occurred.

Counseling provides hope for a positive and successful future.  A variety of treatment methods are used at Hope’s Door New Beginning Center based on each child’s emotional, psychological, and developmental needs including:

  • Play Therapy
  • Activity/Talk Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Case Management Services

Along with our Counseling Services, clients also receive case management services from our experienced case managers.  Case managers are the direct ground support for clients and are experts on systems that provide resources, services, and opportunities.  We assist clients in setting goals and developing an action plan on how to attain them.

Our Case Management services range from providing basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and school supplies, to more advanced needs such as education for budgeting, building resumes, job searches and job acquisition.

Our Goal: Empowering Clients

Our goal is to empower our clients to be fully independent and self-sufficient.  We move beyond simply providing safety for our clients—we help them to break the cycle of abuse, own their own circumstances, and foster confidence so that they can survive and be a positive role model for themselves and others.

More information

Counseling is available by appointment at our Plano and Garland Outreach Centers or virtually.

For more information about any of our free, trauma-informed Counseling services, please call our Outreach Center at 972-422-2911 and ask to speak to our Director of Client Services or call our 24-Hour Hotline at 972-276-0057.

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