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Webinar Calendar: November

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Empower yourself and others to recognize, respond to, and prevent domestic abuse and teen dating violence in our community. 



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Las Dinámicas de la Violencia Domestica

Monday, November 2 @ 12pm

Esta presentación es una introducción, para todas aquellas personas que deseen aprender, sobre la violencia doméstica y el impacto en nuestra comunidad. Aprende sobre las características del abuso, diferentes formas de abuso, el ciclo del abuso, por qué permanecen las víctimas en relaciones abusivas, el efecto en los niños que son testigos, las señales de altera, la importancia de un plan seguro y como reportar y responder al abuso.


Childhood Domestic Abuse: How Witnessing Abuse Impacts Children

Wednesday, November 4 @ 12pm

How does growing up witnessing abuse impact children? What makes a child more likely to witness abuse and violence at home? What can I do to support victims of Childhood Domestic Abuse?

When you grow up in a home witnessing domestic abuse, you experience Childhood Domestic Abuse. Join Ryan on Facebook Live or Zoom where he facilitates a discussion on the dynamics of domestic abuse, the negative effects of short and long-term effects on children who witness abuse in their homes, risk factors, and ways that adults who work with children can help.


The Intersection of Substance Abuse and Domestic Abuse

Monday, November 9 @12pm

How is domestic abuse connected to substance abuse? How do abusers use addiction as a tool of control? Why do many victims of abuse turn to drugs or alcohol?

Join Jose to learn about domestic abuse and its connection to substance abuse.  Jose will also discuss the characteristics of abuse, forms of abuse, the cycle of abuse, why victims stay, why victims turn to substances, warning signs, the importance of safety planning, and how to report and respond to abuse. 


The Dynamics of Stalking

Wednesday, November 11 @ 12pm

What’s the deal with stalkers? Why do they do that? What can I do to protect myself or someone I know?

Stalking is so much more than many people think. In this presentation, Ryan answers the question, “What is stalking and how exactly does it work?” Join Ryan to learn the methods and tactics used by stalkers, the impact that stalking has on victims, some resources and safety strategies for victims, and what we as a community can do to help.


Enseñar Habilidades Sociales a Los Niños

Monday, November 16 @ 12pm


Teens and Sexting: How Worried Should We Be?

Wednesday, November 18 @ 12pm

What is sexting? Why do teens sext? What are the possible negative effects of sexting?

A recent study in Houston found that among high school girls, 68% had been asked to send a sext, while 42% of boys were. Join Ryan for a discussion on what exactly constitutes sexting, why teens sext, the dangers of sexting, the effects of sexting, non-consensual sharing of images, and the latest research about effective ways to respond to incidents of sexting, including how to start the conversation with teens. 


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For more information, please call the Education Department at 469-969-7254 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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Thank you for supporting survivors of domestic abuse in our community.  Education is the key to prevention!







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