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Learn About Abuse

Abuse is a complex and dynamic set of harmful and coercive behaviors exhibited by individuals in order to gain and then maintain power and control over another individual.

The information related to abuse is organized in the outline below.  Please click the headings below to learn more about abuse, including facts about abuse, myths about abuse, what to do if you suspect abuse and helpful links to outside organizations with more information about abuse.

Facts About Abuse

Definition of domestic abuse

Characteristics of domestic abuse

Forms of abuse

Why victims stay

The importance of safety planning


Myths About Abuse

Domestic abuse is a rare occurrence.

Domestic abuse is a private matter.

Domestic abuse does not occur in “normal” relationships.

The victim is somehow responsible for the abuse.

If You Suspect Abuse

Red flags of abuse in your own relationship

Questions to ask yourself

Warning signs of abuse in others

Questions to ask someone who may be in an abusive relationship

How to help others

Helpful Links About Abuse

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