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What They've Said About Us

Check out some of the testimonials that have been written about us from adult and teen community members who have attended some of our Education and Training Programs.

Adult Testimonials

“I asked Ms. Camacho if she would speak to our students about Healthy relationships and she came out on yesterday.  I wanted to inform you that she did a wonderful job and the teacher and students are still talking about her this morning.  They are wanting to know when she will come back.  Thank you again for having such a needed program and a wonderful and knowledgeable staff person as Ms. Camacho.”
     -Phyllis Northington, Social Worker, Frankford Middle School

“Hello Ms. Sheyla,
I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my classes today and share information about domestic violence.  You did an outstanding job!!  Your presentation of information was phenomenal!  Not only were you interesting, you were relatable and engaging.  I know how challenging it can be facilitating three long presentations back to back, but each time you seemed as fresh and energetic as you did with the very first one.
As a psychology professor and mental health advocate, I am very familiar with domestic violence.  Even so, the information you shared was fresh and well needed.  There was a plethora of information that I truly believe will be helpful to the students based on conversations they have shared with me.  Today was fantastic and I have you to thank for it.
Take care and I am looking forward to inviting you back, in the future, to share on other topics.”
     -Wanda Y. Moore, PhD, MA, LCDC-I, BIPP

“[Ryan] did a great job of engaging with the students on their level.  He was able to actively engage the students and get them talking.  Was patient and validating!  Presentation was great, and I wish we could have had more time to dig deep!”
     -Teacher, Memorial Pathway Academy

Thank you for your presentation today.  It was educational and helped me to better understand the world in which my children are living.  It also helped me to consider tools that will be valuable to them in facing these dangers and threats.
Will you please send me the PowerPoint slide deck you used?  There were great statistics and examples that I can use with my children and extended family.”
     -Bartley de la Houssaye, Emerson Process Management

Thank you for taking the time to go through your slides and the message that you delivered today at Emerson in McKinney.  I really appreciated your overall candor and the information presented.
I am interested in both the .ppt or .jpg slide decks that you use with school kids and the same you showed today for adults.
I have twin 13 yr old daughters and I would love to share this with them as part of what we already do to inform, warn and guide them through these online days we live in.
Let me know if you can send them to me.  I have cc’d with my wife’s email address as well.  With any luck maybe we can get you to present at a local church or community function.  Thank you again.
Best Regards,”
     -David Schmidt, Emerson Process Management

“Super informative and engaging information and statistics!”
“I thought the safety planning tips were very helpful and discussing how to give the client power and control in the call.”
“This was a very helpful and informative, definitely a good mix of facts, anecdotes and suggestions/instructions.”
     -Firefighters and EMTs, The Colony Fire Department

“Sheyla did a great job with her presentation to my classes.  She had a great rapport with my students!!  Once again, Sheyla did an awesome job.  I am looking forward to her presenting again to my classes next school term.”
     -Adrian Holloman, Coach, Dallas ISD

“Ryan! Thank you so much for last evening’s class. The girls had nothing but wonderful things to say about their time with you. And believe me, having good things to say about instructors is a BIG deal. Thank you! I look forward to having you back soon.”
     -Lisa Mumford, Program Director, Ebby House

“My heart is overwhelmed with joy and I'm honored to help!!!!  This year marks 6 years since Hope's Door was my mental saving grace and I will always be available, in any capacity, to pass it forward.   Your team is literally lifting people up and I'm super grateful to be a product of it...  You need me to help and speak and I'll be there for sure.”
-Former client of Hope’s Door New Beginning Center on being asked to speak at the 2017 Candlelight Vigil

Teen Testimonials

(Note: Rather than typing “[sic]” after each error in the testimonials below, we have left the students’ words intact as they wrote them.)

“Thank you Mr. Ryan for being very nice with me.  I’m that chick you talked to outside of Ms. ****’s portable.  What you said really got to me.  It was support, something I haven’t really had from anyone.  Your opinion and advice meant a lot.  I followed it and yeah me and the dude haven’t talked.  He just texted me today saying, “Hey, just making sure your alright?”  My response was I’m not sure, hey please delete my number.  I didn’t say why but the reason was because I miss him.  He has a girlfriend now.  They have been dating a month.  I think well I hope she’s happy.  I hope he’s happy and I hope everything is okay with him.  Even tho I’ve been getting worse every day, I still have hope thanks to you and I’m sorry if I keep being annoying.  Well, all I wanted to say is Thank you very much for taking your time and hearing me out!”

“Thank you for coming in & talking to us.  This is an issue in todays society all over the word and everyone should have some knowledge about it.  Apart from teaching us something, you made it fun & actually had everyone’s attention.  I hope you come back next year to teach people.  We love you.”


“Thank you Mr. Ryan for taking your time to teach us about real life deep situations with familys and relation-ships.  I really appreciate all the things you tought us.  Will forever be on my mind for me to be precautious…”


“Thank you Mr. Ryan for taking time to come to our school and talk to us about domestic violence.  You expanded the way I viewed and showed me what to look out for in relation-ships and even friendships!  I appreciate the time and effort you take to talk to people about these things and telling them their not alone.  Thank you again!”

“Ms. Camacho, Muchas Gracias!  Thanks for coming and taking your time to explain and teach us.  I learn a lot from you.  Now I know how to help myself and others in difficult situations.”


“Thank you for sharing your voice with everybody.  You make me want to strive!!!  Fight for justice – Women’s rights – Everyone’s rights”


“Dear Ms. Camacho,
Thank you for coming to our class to explain what domestic violence is & what it look like because then I wouldn’t know what to look for in couples or even my parents but thank you.”


“Thank you Ms. Camacho for teaching us what are some signs of unhealthy relationships are, and how we should confront them.  Also, if we see anybody struggling with an unhealthy relationship, we know who to call, and what to do.”

Request an Educator

Would you like one of our professional Educators to speak to or appear at your school, organization, or community group to raise awareness about domestic or teen dating abuse?

Please submit a Request an Educator form and include as many details as possible such as your name, organization, contact information, dates requested and the topics you are intesersted in learning about.  One of our team members will contact you within 3 business days to discuss your needs and set up a date and time for one of our Educators to bring our educational programming to your organization or community group.

All Community Education services are free of charge.

More Information

We love hearing directly from members of our community.  If you would like more information or if you have a question regarding our free Community Education Services, please call 469-969-7254 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for supporting survivors of abuse in our community!

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