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Education Programs for Teens

Each year, our Community Education Department team members visit dozens of schools and youth groups to bring young people informative and interactive presentations, evidence-based curricula, group activities and leadership camps.

Education is the key to prevention.

Are Texas schools required to educate their students on Teen Dating Abuse?

Yes.  The State of Texas passed a law in 2007 (formerly House Bill 121 and now the Texas Education Code 37.0831) which mandates that each school district adopt and implement a teen dating violence policy which is to include dating violence awareness education to all staff, students and parents.  Is your school in compliance?

(For more information about this section of the Texas Education Code and the original bill language, please visit the Texas Council on Family Violence’s website.)

Primary Prevention: Targeting Teens

Feel free to browse our education programming for teens below to find one that fits your needs.  Most schools request the fundamental presentation “The Dynamics of Dating Abuse” to ensure they are in compliance with The Texas Education Code.  In addition, you may choose to have us prepare a customized presentation, facilitate a group experiential learning activity, or facilitate a multi-session curriculum.  We also "train the trainers."  Our Community Educators will train school staff to facilitate any of our curricula and provide on-going support throughout the year.

Dating Abuse. Healthy Relationships. Online Safety. Sexual Violence.

We offer 3 levels of educational programming for schools and youth groups in our community.

The Dynamics of Dating Abuse – Level 1

  • The Dynamics of Dating Abuse is a one-time interactive presentation that lasts from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. These can be given to one class, a combination of classes in a library or lecture hall or as a grade-level assembly.
  • We discuss the definition, dynamics, characteristics and forms of abusive and healthy relationships; how to recognize abuse; and how to help others or help yourself using discussion, videos, games and activities.

Expect Respect – Level 2

  • Expect Respect is a two-session experience that lasts from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours for each class period. These sessions are usually given to one class or a combination of classes.
  • On day one, we understand and experience all of the elements of The Dynamics of Dating Abuse from above.
  • On day two, we delve deeper to process and apply our knowledge to real life situations through group activities.

Safe Dates – Level 3

  • Safe Dates is an evidence-based ten-session dating abuse prevention program to raise students' awareness of what constitutes healthy and abusive dating relationships, as well as the causes and consequences of dating abuse.  Safe Dates is published by Hazelden.
  • Safe Dates helps to change adolescent norms about dating violence and equips students with skills and resources to develop healthy dating relationships, positive communication, anger management, and conflict resolution.
  • Safe Dates is effective in preventing and reducing violence perpetration among teens already perpetrating dating violence.  Safe Dates also resulted in:
    • less acceptance of dating violence
    • stronger communication skills
    • stronger anger management skills
    • less gender stereotyping
    • greater awareness of community services

Customized Presentations

Choose from a menu of topics to create a unique presentation for your school or youth group.  To view your options, please check out our list of possible topics.

Experiential Learning Group Activity

In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence

Participants become one of six characters based on the experiences of real teens including sexting, pregnancy, homophobia, and stalking. They make choices about their relationships and move through the scenario by reading about interactions with their dating partner, family, friends, counselors, police, and others.

The In Their Shoes resources and descriptions were provided by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence at wscadv.org.

Leadership Camps

Each summer we hold a week-long teen leadership camp called Trendsetters where young people learn about dating abuse, healthy relationships, peer advocacy and leadership skills through games, activities, experiential learning experiences and guest speakers.  Throughout the year, we also hold condensed one-day mini camps called Camp CEO.  

Programs for Boys and Young Men

Additional multi-session interactive educational programs designed specifically for boys and men include A Call to Men’s LIVERESPECT and FUTURES' Coaching Boys Into Men curricula.  We train and provide materials to teachers or coaches to facilitate these programs.

  • A Call To Men’s LIVERESPECT curriculum helps coaches, educators and mentors promote healthy, respectful manhood and consists of 9 lessons conducted over several weeks.  More information can be found on their website.

  • FUTURES’ Coaching Boys Into Men program promotes respectful behavior among athletes and helps prevent relationship abuse, harassment, and sexual assault. For more than a decade, the program has been implemented in communities across the U.S. and around the world.  More information can be found on their website.

More Information

We love hearing directly from members of our community.  If you would like more information or if you have a question regarding our free Community Education Services, please call (972) 422-2911 ext. 254 and ask to speak to our Community Education Program Manager.

Check out a list of the kinds of youth groups and schools that we educate.

Check out a list of actual schools and youth groups in the DFW area we have visited since October 2017.


Request an Educator

Would you like one of our professional Educators to speak to your school, organization, or community group about the dynamics of domestic abuse, teen dating abuse or family violence?  Would you like us to customize a presentation for your organization?

Please submit a Request an Educator form and include as many details as possible such as your name, organization, contact information, dates requested and the topics you are intesersted in learning about.  One of our team members will contact you within 3 business days to discuss your needs and set up a date and time for one of our Educators to bring our educational programming to your organization or community group.

All Community Education services are free of charge.

More Information

We love hearing directly from members of our community.  If you would like more information or if you have a question regarding our free Community Education Services, please call 469-969-7254 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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