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Managing Volunteer Orientations

Go to Components > Template Nonprofit > Nonprofit Orientations.

You will see a list of Orientations. 

Add a New Date

Step 1

Click the green New button.

Step 2

Fill in the following fields:

Title (optional)
Description (optional)
Date (only select the day, month, and year. Do not select the time.)
Number of Seats
Seats Filled (only if you want to block a specified number of seats) Must be less that Number of seats.
Start Time*
End Time*

*These times are in military time (for now). So 3:30 PM is 15:30:00 and 5:00 PM is 17:00:00. This will be updated to accommodate 12 hour formats. 

Step 3

Click green Save button.

Edit an Existing Date

Instead of clicking the New button, click the checkbox of an existing orientation and click the Edit button. You will then be able to change and save the updated orientation.

Viewing Volunteer Signup Records

Login to the Administrator Console at https://hdnbc.org/administrator.

Once logged in, go to the main menu. Hover over Components, BreezingForms, and click Manage Records.

You will see a list of submissions from the Volunteer Form.

In the list, on the right side, there is an icon (3 bars) that opens up the details. Click on the icon you want to view.

In the Details view, you will see a line called Orientation. The number in that line is the ID of the orientation the user signed up for (24 in this example). See above the instructions to view the list of volunteer sessions.

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