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Education Programs for Adults

Each year, our Community Education Department team members visit dozens of different community groups, government agencies, and organizations to facilitate informative and interactive presentations and trainings to adults and professionals in DFW.

Domestic Abuse. Dating Abuse. Teens and Sexting. HDNBC’s Services.


Browse the prepared presentation titles below to find one that fits your needs.  Most organizations request the introductory presentation "The Dynamics of Domestic Abuse," but we also have specialized presentations tailored to the specific needs of various audiences and professions.  You may also choose to have us prepare a customized presentation or facilitate a group experiential learning activity.

We also offer Project Hope, a class unique to Hope's Door New Beginning Center.  We work in conjunction with the Collin County DA’s office to educate victims of domestic-related crimes on domestic abuse and legal issues related to their case.  Any community member interested in learning more about domestic abuse is welcome to attend a Project Hope class.

Prepared Presentations for Any Audience

HDNBC Agency and Services Overview

Learn about the mission and history of our agency, the services and resources we offer, and how our efforts impact on the community.  We can also include some basic information on abuse and its prevalence in Texas.  This presentation is recommended all for professional organizations, groups, businesses, community organizations, faith-based organizations, non-profits and volunteers.  Duration: 15-45 minutes

The Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

This is our introductory presentation for anyone wishing to learn about domestic abuse and its impact on our community.  Learn about the characteristics of abuse, different forms of abuse, the cycle of abuse, why victims stay, the effects on children, warning signs, the importance of safety planning and how to report and respond to abuse.  This presentation is recommended  for all community members, professional organizations, businesses, community organizations, schools, faith-based organizations, non-profits and volunteers.  Duration: 30 minutes-1.5 hour

Understanding Teen Relationships and Dating Abuse

This is our introductory presentation for adults wishing to learn about teen relationships, dating abuse, and what teens are saying about them.  Learn about teen relationships and the unique characteristics of dating abuse, forms of dating abuse, the cycle of abuse, why teen victims stay, effects of abuse on teens, warning signs, how to break up safely, and how to report and respond to abuse.  This presentation is recommended for parents, school administrators, teachers, counselors, youth ministers, parents and anyone working with teens.  Duration: 1 hour

Sexting and Teens

This is a topic of particular concern for parents and adults who work with teens.  In this presentation, we facilitate a discussion on what exactly constitutes sexting, why teens sext, the dangers of sexting, the effects of sexting, non-consensual sharing of images, and the latest research about effective ways to respond to incidents of sexting.  Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Childhood Domestic Abuse

We facilitate discussions on the dynamics of domestic abuse, the negative effects of short and long-term effects on children who witness abuse in their homes, risk factors, and ways that adults who work with children can help.  This presentation is recommended for adults who work with teens, teachers, counselors, parents and teens themselves.  Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Teaching Interpersonal Skills to Children

We discuss skills and tips that parents can use to teach children healthy communication skills, make time for discussions, start conversations, and spend time together as a family. This presentation is recommended for parents and other adults who work with teens, including teachers, counselors, and coaches.  Duration: 30 min-1 hour


Prepared Presentations for Specific Audiences

The following presentations include all of the elements of The Dynamics of Abuse presentation (described above) with additional information relevant to the professions of each specific audience.

Domestic Abuse in the Workplace

  • Recommended for management, executives, business owners, HR representatives, employees and volunteers.

Domestic Abuse for Faith Leaders

  • Recommended for pastors, priests, ministers,imam khatibs, rabbis, lay leaders and youth leaders.

Domestic Abuse for Legal Professionals

  • Recommended for judges, attorneys, paralegals and legal aids.

Domestic Abuse for First Responders

  • Recommended for Police Officers, Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Police Academy Recruits and ER staff.

Domestic Abuse for Healthcare Workers

  • Recommended for doctors, nurses, clinicians, medical assistants, mental health professionals and substance abuse counselors.

Domestic Abuse for Salon Workers

  • Recommended for stylists, nail technicians and barbers.

Domestic Abuse for Health and Fitness Trainers

  • Recommended for fitness trainers, yoga teachers and coaches.

Customized Presentations

We are happy to prepare for you a customized presentation based on your needs.  Simply let us know what kind of presentation you are looking for and we will work with you to create a unique and customized presentation for your group.  Please check out our list of possible topics.

Experiential Learning Activities

These simulations allow groups to temporarily experience life as a person who is experiencing domestic or dating abuse.  Similar to the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, these are interactive group exercises used in a workshop setting to help us connect to the day-to-day reality for people experiencing abuse, deepen our empathy and compel us to take action.  Participants move, do, think and experience the lives of people living in abusive relationships.

In Her Shoes: Living with Domestic Violence

This version is the original simulation, which is great for educating a broad range of community and professional groups and can be facilitated in sessions of one to two hours.

In Her Shoes: Economic Justice Edition

This version of In Her Shoes will increase awareness of the additional struggles battered women face when they are poor. The perspective of the batterer is also represented in the Economic Justice Edition. Most useful for longer training sessions where there are opportunities for group discussion.

In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence

In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence is a training kit for any group of adults who work with teens, such as teachers, counselors, youth group leaders, law enforcement, or parents.  Become one of six teen characters based on the experiences of real teens including sexting, pregnancy, homophobia and stalking. You make choices about their relationships and move through the scenario by reading about interactions with their dating partner, family, friends, counselors, police, and others.

Note: The “In Her Shoes” and “In Their Shoes” resources and descriptions were provided by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence at wscadv.org.

More Information

We love hearing directly from members of our community.  If you would like more information or if you have a question regarding our free Community Education Services, please call (972) 422-2911 ext. 254 and ask to speak to our Community Education Program Manager.

Check out a list of the kinds of community groups, government agencies, and organizations that we educate.

Check out a list of actual community groups, government agencies and organizations in the DFW area we have visited since October 2017.


Request an Educator

Would you like one of our professional Educators to speak to your school, organization, or community group about the dynamics of domestic abuse, teen dating abuse or family violence?  Would you like us to customize a presentation for your organization?

Please submit a Request an Educator form and include as many details as possible such as your name, organization, contact information, dates requested and the topics you are intesersted in learning about.  One of our team members will contact you within 3 business days to discuss your needs and set up a date and time for one of our Educators to bring our educational programming to your organization or community group.

All Community Education services are free of charge.

More Information

We love hearing directly from members of our community.  If you would like more information or if you have a question regarding our free Community Education Services, please call 469-969-7254 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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UPDATE: Hope’s Door New Beginning Center is committed to the safety and well-being of those we serve, our staff, our volunteers, and the community at large.  

Effective March 18 through April 10, 2020, HDNBC will cease all face-to-face services at our offices.  Our shelters continue to be open.

All services that are normally offered face-to-face will be offered via phone and virtual access.

For any victims and survivors who need support, we are here for you, 24/7.  Call our 24-Hour Hotline at 972-276-0057 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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