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Welcome to Hope's Door New Beginning Center

Domestic abuse is a human rights issue that affects thousands of people in our community regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic level, religious affiliation or culture.

At Hope's Door New Beginning Center, we help individuals and families escape and heal from domestic abuse, dating abuse and family violence through our free trauma-informed services.  Our community educators enhance the community’s capacity to recognize and respond to abuse through free educational programming to schools and organizations, while our certified BIPP facilitators help individuals who have exhibited controlling or abusive behaviors in the past achieve healthy and non-violent conflict resolution skills.  

If you are or think you might be in an abusive relationship, know that you are not alone, it is not your fault, and help is available.


Get Help.  Get Educated.  Get Involved.


24-hour Hotline

(972) 276-0057

Outreach Centers in Plano and Garland

(972) 422-2911









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Stories of Hope

Marianne knew the violence in her home was hurting her son Charlie.  She just didn’t know how much until she found him hiding in the backyard flower beds...

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Community Education

Request a free educational presentation on Domestic Abuse or Teen Dating Abuse for your organization or school.


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Resale Store

Learn how your purchases and donations directly benefit survivors of abuse in your community.

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