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Learn About Abuse


How Abuse Works

Abuse is a complex and dynamic set of harmful and coercive behaviors exhibited by individuals in order to gain and then maintain power and control over another individual. The information related to abuse is organized into separate blog articles below. Click through the topics below to learn more about abuse, including facts about abuse, myths about abuse, what to do if you suspect abuse, and helpful links to outside organizations with more information about abuse.

Understanding how abuse works is the first step in preventing and responding to abuse.

Articles About Abuse

Frequently Asked Questions

About Community Education

In what ways do you educate the community?

We educate the community on domestic and teen dating abuse through webinars, workshops, speeches, interactive activities, classroom activities, Q&A panels, and community fairs. 

Do you charge to comes and speak to my group?

No. All of our community education solutions are free of charge for any community group or organization.

Do you come to us?

Yes, we come to you! Or we can set up a customized Zoom meeting for your organization. No group is too small or too large. 

Are your topics appropriate for young people?

Absolutely. Not only are they age-appropriate topics, but they are also necessary topics of discussion if we want to prevent dating violence. Current research shows that even 9th grade is too late to start educating young people for primary prevention to be effective. Leading researchers recommend that healthy relationships and dating abuse education begin in the 6th grade. 

What sort of education programs do you have for adults or professionals?

We have a number of education and training programs for adults: volunteers, service providers, first responders, faith communities, and professionals. For more information, please check out our Community Presentations page. 

What sort of education programs do you have for adults or professionals?

We have a wide variety of educational programs and activities for students and teens. For more information about our programs for young people, please visit Prevention Programs page.

I would like you to come to my school or organization. How do I get in touch with you?

Submit a speaker request form below! For more information or to ask a question, please call our Community Education Program Manager at 469-969-7254 or send an email to education@hdnbc.org. 

Who We Serve

HDNBC proudly serves anyone impacted by domestic abuse, family violence, or teen dating abuse regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, disability, immigration status, primary language, or sexuality.

Multigenerational families with kids (and adults) of all ages are supported. We can also provide safety for pets.