What is ADVANCE?

ADVANCE is a referral solution that helps parents who may be in unhealthy relationships but don’t identify as victims of domestic violence. This 8-week educational program is designed for those who are involved with Child Protective Services (CPS). In order to participate in ADVANCE classes, call 469-969-7229 or click below to connect with our CPS liaison.

Any information you tell your ADVANCE class teacher will remain confidential and not be shared with CPS without your permission.


Frequently Asked Questions


I was referred to HDNBC by CPS. What services do you offer? Am I required to participate?

It is your choice to participate in any of HDNBC’s solutions. A service plan is dictated by your CPS caseworker and the available solutions they may require you to complete. Our solutions are voluntary. HDNBC does not require you to attend or complete an ADVANCE program, but this class and other solutions provide a pathway for you to navigate information and resources that you may need while working with CPS. CPS refers parents to ADVANCE and other solutions if an individual has been or is currently in a domestic violence situation, even if the individual does not currently identify themselves as a survivor. 

CPS has referred me to HDNBC. What do I need to do?

Click the button above or call our Outreach office to set up an intake appointment and tell the advocate on the call that you were referred by CPS. Our Advocacy team can assist you in developing your service plan with Child Protective Services, such as attending ADVANCE classes.

Are your services really free of charge?

Yes. All of our solutions for survivors of domestic abuse and their children are free of charge.

Will anyone find out that I'm receiving Advocacy services from HDNBC?

We do not share with anyone (including CPS case workers, attorneys, family, or friends) that you are receiving our solutions, without your written consent. With a few exceptions that your advocate will review with you at your initial appointment (such as mandated reporting of abuse/neglect of a child or vulnerable adult, plans to harm yourself or someone else, or court order from a judge), advocacy is confidential.

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Who We Serve

HDNBC proudly serves anyone impacted by domestic abuse, family violence, or teen dating abuse regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, disability, immigration status, primary language, or sexuality. Multigenerational families with kids (and adults) of all ages are supported. We can also provide safety for pets.